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C E Jones Associates offers first class, highly experienced consultants who will help you deliver excellent quality public or voluntary sector led services. Our consultants tailor their work according to your requirements so that you can be sure that your services are being delivered with optimum efficiency and maximum user satisfaction. They work alongside you, inspiring you with confidence and leaving a legacy of skills and knowledge, approaches and techniques which you can use in your future work.

Our consultants can offer you their support in
the following work areas:

• Community regeneration
• Community engagement
• Organisational development
• Educational management
• Bespoke training

And have expertise in the following functions:

• Project management
• Convening and managing teams
• Community engagement and user-group consultation
• Facilitating meetings of the public or for strategy development
• Bespoke training and the management of training
• Writing training and handbook materials
• Project and programme evaluations
• Bid writing
• International work

We have a personal commitment to working in
partnership with colleagues in other countries
and work consistently both to assist our partners and learn from them.

"........Your sessions on 'A positive experience - helping us deliver the best service' were very well received and have generated a great deal of discussion back in the work place, people have a renewed confidence in giving priority to the way that they relate to customers and each other and the power of personable and respectful communication. The session has clearly got people thinking about how staff can all play their part in the 'culture' of the organisation and how that culture directly affects the experience of our Service Users........."

Kate Phipps, Service Director. BSMHT

Chris Jones with three colleagues
Planning ahead
three women preparing presentation poster with felt markers
Building partnerships
picture of two women, one old and one younger talking
Supporting public engagement
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